Tyranny of the Urgent

1. Change is Not A Hobby

  • Your strategic drivers: If the change is a response to the Urgent task master, or a legitimate driver. Is it something that needs to be adopted right now or can it wait?
  • Your operational time and space: If the change drivers are legitimate, does the organization have time and space to take it on? Is the change in conflict with other initiatives? What could the organization stop doing to make room for a new change initiative?

2. Change Requires Consent

  • Your narrative: Does the change have a clear narrative and purpose? Is there a level of readiness and understanding towards the need for change? Have you involved your business in designing the change to ensure it aligns with their level of readiness and innovation?

3. Change is an Orchestration of Empowerment and Chaos.

  • The body of knowledge of your employees: do your people have the competencies and skills they need to implement on the change? Are you making time and space for people to develop their skills at pace with the organizational change?
  • The physical and digital environment and tools: are they supporting the change process? DO they share common principles with your desired change (i.e. collaborative tools for a collaborative change)
  • The relationships: have you created partnerships and mutually supporting relationships with stakeholders, vendors, other organizations to support the change process?



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